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However, life photography is one of the best ways to express your creativity. However, life photography helps you make money with stock photography or selling art prints.

The main advantage of still life photography is that you don’t have to have a great studio or a lot of space, and you can easily start just from the window. So still life at the top of photography is very lucrative because magazines, catalogs, and art galleries need all the product images. Living in silence at work has many benefits that are often overlooked.

What is a still life?

There are many reasons why still life photos are important. It is a kind of artistic photography. The object is an inanimate general object. Composition is the key to still-life photography, and you have plenty of time in the world to complete your vision.

Still, life is a basic skill that every Photographer should learn to master. This gives the photographer complete control, which in return gives them enough time to practice until they get it right.

Tips for starting gun shooting!

Choose a topic that speaks to you

What you got is really your job. Just keep good research on everything because you will find something simple but interesting to start with. Think outside the box and don’t shoot a way to shoot flowers and plants because every photographer does the same. Think of something different than being too ambitious.

Find exclusive props for still-life photography

The right props will add to your still-life photography. Many household items can be used as accessories, such as old books, teapots and glasses. Unique shots of cutlery and fresh vegetables can bring your photos to the best of their ability.

So this is another era where your background can also show your creativity. You can make your background elbow fat and ingenuity to some degree. The options and possibilities must be endless.

There are no restrictions on post-production

There are no rules in still life photography, but post-production is where you can put anything. The editing routine of the photographer or editor is entirely their responsibility. Many photographers do it as little as possible because excessive editing sometimes results in a bad photo. However, life is the only work of art, so the minimum level of post-production will give you a perfect picture.

A design shot

Photography can sometimes also be technical. We can lose the artistic side. So take the time to think wisely about the whole story and do it well.

First, just a rough idea of ​​your final picture of what you really want from your shot. Another cute approach can be several random items. Just looking at one of them will help create a visual effect, but keep in mind to be consistent. You can choose the best digital camera brand for your shot.

Be creative with post-production

Adobe Lightroom is a great way to give you the stunning and beautiful still life you need. Space light and Photoshop presets can be very useful in creating a continuous workflow. Using this will limit the amount of time you spend in front of your computer.

Post-processing your live images is a bit of a tricky job, but you don’t have to worry about where Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop is available. It all depends on what genre of setups you describe.


The most important thing to think about is enough time, you should take a good time in gun shooting. There should be no time limit for still life photography. There are a lot of ideas for shots on the internet.

Just select one of the photography or publishing sites and you’ll get to know everything and everything from black and white to still photography and futuristic digital creation. For creative artists, photographing a fruit bowl is just a step.

This is another thing at the stage of your career, your portfolio site is always at the heart of your marketing strategy at Nanda. This is a great way to create a market presence.