How to start a digital photography business

So you took a lot of photos and a lot of your friends say that you are good at it. However, you are tired of receiving a lot of praise because what you really wanted is to make money with your talent. Then keep thinking about how to start a photography business.

Well, I’m glad you think so, buddy. Unless you really have a high-paying job that gives you a lot of extra time, taking pictures just as a hobby is not practical at all. Think about how expensive the camera and your equipment are. Companies are also updating new models from time to time, so you have to catch up too, or else you’ll be left behind. So you really need to know how to start a photography business so that you have some resources to buy your equipment and before that it could be your bread and butter.

Here are things you need to know about starting a photography business:

1. Pick an area that makes money in your situation

There are several areas in photography and it is really up to you to choose where to fit. However, since you wanted to know how to start a photography business, you should also locate yourself in an area that gives you income. You may like to take abstract photos, but you may not be able to make money from them. Well, I’m not saying there is no money in abstract photography. What I’m saying is that you choose an area of ​​photography that you not only like but will also be a good source of income in your long-term situation.

A good example here is wedding photography. I have friends who are very good at capturing artistic shots. They post those photos on Facebook and get lots of good comments. However, with that type of photography, it only serves to share on social networks but does not give them a penny. That is why they take wedding photographs. From time to time, many couples get married, so they always have reservations for a session. This area of ​​photography might not be your first choice in this field. But since they wanted photography for business, they still do.

2. Starting from a sideline first

At first, you may not have a lot of resources and don’t really know how to start a photography business. If you have a job now that is not related to photography, it is still not a good idea to quit that job immediately and pursue photography full time. That might be possible if you’re really lucky, but I’m telling you one thing, it’s very risky for now. Building a business is not an overnight affair. So I suggest taking it easy and setting it aside for now. How about offering a photoshoot to your friends and colleagues first? You can start by offering them a great discount. This will save you some money when hiring a professional photographer. It will also give you the opportunity to learn and earn income little by little.

4. Use the power of the Internet

Create your blog or even a website and upload your photo samples there. Create a fan page also on Facebook and even on Twitter. Almost everyone is using the internet now, so who knows, you might get caught! It is also good to join online photography forums. You can ask your fellow photographers questions about their photography skills and even how to run the business. Many professionals are always willing to give you some help and even tell you how to start a photography business.

5. Make it your goal to dedicate yourself to photography full time.

If photography is what you really like to do in life, you must dream of making it your full time job. But before that happens, you really need to invest in photography skills and equipment. It is also good to work as an assistant for professional photographers in the beginning. This way, you can learn how your boss does business and get yours soon. If there’s an opportunity, join a photoshoot and see how they do it. One day, he will be able to fend for himself and do his own business.